"...pants, pants on everyone."

Lois Lane, Smallville, 2008.

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Totally laughing right now. I’ve noticed a lot of new pictures of Sophia Bush here on tumblr and I just realized it is for a new line of clothing for Joe Fresh. I totally thought the pictures were from a photo shoot or magazine. Nope, buy her line of clothes from your nearest grocery store.

Filed under I'm an idiot Sophia Bush Joe Fresh I totally will probably buy the clothes I just thought it was hilarious when I saw the email in my inbox about their new line of clothing

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But since my motto is: who really cares as long as I’m happy.

Ladies and gentlemen, life lessons according to Gail Peck.

"Leap of Faith." Rookie Blue the Complete Third Season. Writ. Tassie Cameron. Dir. Peter Wellington. Perf. Gregory Smith & Charlotte Sullivan. Entertainment One, 2013. DVD.

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Filed under Rookie Blue Dov Epstein Gail Peck Gregory Smith Charlotte Sullivan Because it is a funny little moment 'Peckstein' need more scenes in the upcoming season just sayin'

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"Or there’s another kind of activity two people share, repetitive motion, builds to a climax."


#bless #lois aggressively hitting on clark ~just to bug him #and clark having no idea how to handle it


#my favorite thing about sv’s lois is that lois was never passive aggressive about finding clark hot #right from the get go she’s like YOU NERD #YOU HOT NERD #YOU DAMN HOT NERD #and it just got better when she started to seriously crush on him #because she became even more explicit #YOU HOT AS FUCK NERD#DAMN YOU’RE FUCKING HOT #YES I WILL TOUCH YOU INAPPROPRIATELY YES I WILL LIKE IT#sailor

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Filed under Smallville Lois Lane Clark Kent This was the Maxima episode... what was it called? Man their comedic chemistry and chemistry in general is too much for me to handle I miss them together on screen My perfect Lois and Clark! Also thank you for those tags captaindove.. perfect description! I couldn't resist I had this in my queue and then I saw twoquickdeath's tags and HAD to add them in here! OMG you both are amazing in your own right!